Business Lessons from Life

intelligence Nov 02, 2020

This morning we had another one get bit by the tummy bug. When I came back from an early morning meeting, I found my blue-eyed boy on the floor in his sleeping bag with his bed soiled. I questioned him as to why he didn't come and let me or his Dad help last night. He said, "I didn't want to disturb you when I got sick the second time since I already interrupted your sleep once."

My heart had mixed emotions as I appreciated his kindness and compassion but I was confused as to why he wouldn't ask for help. But then I reflected on the times I was in the most need. I felt like it was a weakness to ask for help due to insecurities, pride, or the feeling of bothering someone. But if it wasn't for others helping me I might still be there.

As I told my son, in life you will have times you will need to ask for help. It is great to be self-sufficient but asking for help, especially at a low time, is not a weakness. It is actually a strength. Be vulnerable, be open, and always be open to asking for help. This is a superpower in life because it shows authenticity (also, you never know, you may be helping that person you are asking help for as well!). So next time you are faced with a difficult situation, #reachout and #Ask.