Building Momentum Through A Morning Routine

Mar 24, 2021

The most challenging part of positive behavior change is often the small steps we must take each day to turn new behaviors into habits. Take exercising for example. For many, it is making the time, as well as ensuring you have the proper clothes and equipment, that often become the roadblocks to following through with the goal of regular exercise. Below we will discuss one important step you can take to ensure that you are building momentum towards reaching your goals, instead of allowing avoidable obstacles to block your success.


The step? A morning routine. It has been suggested that the first 15 minutes of your day is the most important for setting yourself up for success. By starting the day with intention, you are creating a positive space for both your mind and body to accomplish what you would like to and manage curveballs as they come up. A morning routine does not need to be lengthy and elaborate to be effective. Waking up 10 minutes earlier to sip your coffee and reflect on the day ahead is enough to switch from “doing” to “being”, allowing you to be more mindful of how you are spending your time and energy.  


There are recommendations for an ideal morning but the best routine for you will be the one that you actually follow through on. We encourage you to set your alarm for just a few minutes earlier and try something new to see what effect it has on the rest of your day:

  • Spend an extra few minutes getting ready instead of rushing through your usual routine.
  • Sit in silence while you sip your coffee, tea, or water.
  • Think or write about your intention for the day. This could be one word or a few sentences about how you would like to be that day or what you would like to accomplish. Some examples: patient, focused, mindful, loving. 
  • Spend a few moments outdoors, appreciating the space around you.
  • Think or write three things you are grateful for, including the fact that you have been gifted another day.
  • Move your body - stretching, a quick walk, or a full workout are all beneficial. 


From there, you will have started your day moving in the right direction, providing momentum to continue meeting your goals - both big and small! It truly is a gift to slow yourself down and be intentional about your time. Starting your day with a routine also encourages a flexible routine for the rest of the day. As humans, we are much more likely to follow through with behavioral goals if we associate these goals with our environment and the time of day. A routine helps you to do just that by allowing you to follow through with your goals around the same time and within a similar environment each day.

What changes to your morning routine will you make this week? We can’t wait to hear all about it!