Tips to Improve Your Communication Today

intelligence safety work-life synergy Nov 02, 2020

Do you ever feel like you are talking but no one is listening? This is a common feeling I believe is felt in life no matter if it is at home or work. Communication can make or break relationships. So here are a quick few tips to boost your communication.


Listen More

"Ok, how will listening help make other people hear me?", you may ask. Well, your body has 2 ears, and 1 mouth, and I do not believe that is a coincidence. Listening will help you better understand what the person you are communicating with is looking for. We like to promote active listing by having a P.E.A.R. approach.

I understand that you said.....

Thank you for telling me this, could you explain more...


(Eye Contact, Tone, and Body Language)


I am so glad you told me this. I feel....that you would open up to me about......


Find the right time

Did you know to get a male to be in a deep conversation, it is best to have them moving. The more blood to the brain and the ability to retreat or defend their position is important to them. To prove this point, ask any man to reflect on a time his significant other asked to sit down for a talk. I have learned quickly in my marriage that if I want to have a conversation with my spouse, I need to do it outdoors and while he is moving...(so he can escape if needed. lol) Try to remove the stress from the equation, because stress causes the learning center of the brain to shut down.


The reality is we all have our right space and right time to talk. Do you know what yours is? Be open about it. Do you know what your co-workers right times are? Ask them.


Know your Language

When I say know your language, I don't mean English, Spanish, or whatever language you speak. I mean, what way do you communicate best? Do you learn best by listening or is it by completely emerging yourself into something? Would you rather read a manual or have someone tell you what it says? Be mindful of your language as this is most likely the way you communicate with others the easiest.


I am an auditory learner (listening). Audiobooks and podcasts are my favorite things to listen to for new information. I am pretty sure my poor eyesight that wasn't realized until 1st grade is a major contributor to this all. I would sit just feet away from the TV as I could hear my mother in the background claiming it will hurt my eyes...little did she know I didn't even know what trees looked like until the day I gained my 'four eyes'. All that to say, I can talk in front of 1,000's and be ok, but my typing this blog gives me anxiety as this isn't my language of choice. If you want to be heard, you may have to step outside your comfort zone and speak another language. Be mindful of your language and what others are too. Think back on times you have felt the most comfortable learning and felt like you truly were "getting it". Observer your fellow co-workers or family members, and see how they like to communicate best. This will help you understand and communicate to a higher level than once before.


I hope these quick tips help you to increase your communication skills with those around you. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the contact button. If you think you or your team could benefit from coaching or a workshop about effective communication techniques, don't hesitate to ask.


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