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Session 1: Expectations

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In week one, we will be focusing on expectations.  Identifying your expectations (i.e. your reasons for joining this program and what you hope to get out of it) is super important for us to know so we may assist in keeping you on track to succeed. More importantly, it is crucial that YOU are clear on your own wants and whys before taking any action. 

Before we jump into your self-reflections, we want to take the time to outline our expectations of you as the human going through this program:

  • **Progress, not perfection** If you are seeing perfect results and things are coming easy, we aren't pushing you hard enough. Facing challenges head-on and stretching out of your comfort zone is where the real work happens. Nothing is perfect about this process.

  • We do, however, expect that you will be taking action throughout the intensive. This is where progress comes in - whether it be big or small you need to be doing the work. We call it WISE up because it is putting knowledge into action. 

  • Keep it HOT: Humble, Open, and Transparent. If something isn't working well for you, we want to hear about it. We need you to bring your full self to this program with the understanding that you are in a safe and confidential place to do so. In return, we vow to also be HOT humans in all of our communications and interactions. 

  • Attendance to all scheduled coaching sessions. As mentioned, there will be eight distinct times throughout this program where you will be prompted to schedule with your coaches. It is expected that you will schedule and attend these sessions in order to get the full benefit from this program (don't worry, we will also remind you!). 

  • Open and flexible thinking. Knowing what you want and why you want it is key. However, the how usually requires a willingness to try new approaches and alter plans as new information is received.

This is the exact reason we will be referring to your goal as your Wise Experiment from here on out - it is expected that there will be trial and error!

We look forward to continuing this course with you!

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