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Session 1: What got you here?

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What got you here?

Yes, here to this page. Not the technical things like going through a web browser but:

What behaviors got you here to this moment?

Who peaked your desire for learning and curiosity? 

Why is this needed in your life today?

Take a minute to reflect on each of these questions.

During this course, we will ask A LOT of questions, so be ready.

This is called an intensive program because a large amount of mental energy will be needed. You will get uncomfortable along this course. Your brain will hurt, but that's ok. 

Think of it as a tough mudder for the mind. It is an obstacle course meant to stretch and push your limits. But guess what? That means learning and growth WILL happen. 

Whatever it was that got you to here, we are grateful. We can't wait to learn, grow, and get muddy with you! 

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