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Session 9: Motivation

Session 9 Motivation Image.PNG

Even though we call this an intensive, our expectation is not that you give us 100% every time...or for all my athletes, 110% (no wonder you may have gotten burned out.

This may sound hypocritical, but just as the quote asks, would you run your car at 100% all the time. No, you would blow the engine up or, at a minimum, have it in the shop being worked on all the time.

This applies to the intensive and your pilot. Yes, we want you to give your best, but the goal is to progressively go at 75% or 80% or whatever your % is over a longer period of time. We don't want you burning yourself out. However, just as your car has a purpose of taking you places, if you don't give any energy to it, you will stay stuck where you are. We aim for a happy medium of rest and growth during this intensive. 

So as the motivation says, Would you expect your car's engine to go at 100% all the time? If not, why do we expect this from ourselves?

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