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Session 10: Keep Planning

You have probably heard this saying before if you fail to plan, plan to fail. But it is very accurate.

A written plan is so important. We know even the simple step of writing out your experiment clearly will increase your chances of completing it by 42%

This is the reason we have the worksheets and guidebook for you. It allows you to increase your chances of success. 

Achieving a goal is not hard; the difficulty comes when human behaviors and natural tendencies get in the way.

We want to save money, but the perfect dress just went on sale, or we want to eat healthier, but the boss delivered five dozen hot donuts to the staff area to celebrate a milestone. You can visually see the struggle on your face as your inner child is screaming, "Do it!" and your adult self is saying, "Remember your goal!"

A well-written plan can help navigate you through these struggles and give you direction for success. 

We have set this intensive up to allow for the common mistakes we see in the planning process. The main mistakes we see are:

  • Overthinking- This is why you have your coach to help think through the process and help you stay on task.

  • Vagueness- This is why we have the SMARTER experiment and include the pilot phase to work out the kinks in the process.

  • Too Rigid- This is why we have log lessons learned and call it an experiment. It is important to have fluidity in your goals. 

  • Not Relatable- This is why we take the first part of the intensive to dive deep into getting to know you more.

  • Puts you in the Insanity Curse- This is why we have the process check and talk about stretching yourself. Comfort is typically the reason why we stay in these loops or revert to them so easily. 

So pat yourself on the back! You have been planning! You have been doing the work. Keep it up.

Even when it seems useless or bothersome, remember your nerdy Workzbe friends have put a lot of science into our methods in this intensive. We love people and want you all to succeed.

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