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What are your rules to engage with others?

In this session, get ready to hear stories, learn, and laugh a ton as Emily talks about how expectations impact performance. From this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of why setting clear expectations is not only necessary but also the kind thing to do (for yourself and others.) 

During this 35-minute keynote, you will hear Emily's Top 4 Rules of Engagement that she asks all her clients to do when entering into an agreement, as well as why it is a must-have for any high-performing team.

Session Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn the impact of expectations

  • Address how communication impacts these expectations

  • Discuss top expectations needed for people to perform at their best

  • Learn practical tips to set expectations with fun

Don't miss out on this amazing session and more!

About the Speaker

Her clients describe Emily Elrod as energetic, wise beyond her years, and the person that gets things done. Her husband describes her as a blonde, good momma, and animal philanthropist.

But if you ask her, she is just a lover of humanity, dark chocolate, and nouns as she will gladly nerd out with you on ways people, places, and things (aka nouns) go from stressed to strategic as she helps them perform at their top potential.

She has a background in ergonomic engineering, Human Resources, and Wholistic Human-Centric design. She is blessed to own a company called Workzbe that works with high-performing, high-pressure teams of all sizes to create WISE work environments where people show up, collaborate, perform, and have fun while doing it.

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