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Forget the one size fits

all approach.



Eat Healthier

Kiss the fad diet good bye and get ready to have real results with added accountability. We help debunk the myths that healthy eating has to consist of choking down bland foods while having to starve.

Move  More

Move More is all about finding ways to incorporate daily movements that you will actually do. We focus on adding steps and encouragement so that you can meet your health goals.

Size Down

Your weight can literally weigh you down in many ways so our approach to find ways that you can get to your best size for you. The size where you feel better and live better so you can live the life you want to live.

Stress Less

Are you stressed? Do you feel anxiety about life more than you possibly should? Would you like tips and tricks to be able to stress less? If so, let us help you find ways to cope with your stresses as well as be an outlet to confide in.

Connect Better

Do you find yourself not being able to connect with others like you use to? Do you feel alone and no one understands? If so, let us help. Connection is a key to longevity and living a WISE life. You got this, and we are here to help.

Find Purpose

Have you ever felt like you are wandering thorough life? Maybe you want to make a bigger difference or have been told you are going to do great things but feel so stuck. Let us help you discover your why for life.


Do you feel stuck in your career? Can't figure out where to go to next? Or do you want to grow in your professional skills to get you to the next level. Possibly it could be to learn ways to navigate the cultural norms of work and overcome obstacles to get you where you want to be. Whatever it may be, we are here to help.

Be Financially Free

How awesome would it be to have the freedom to choose a career you love without worrying about money or take an international trip every year without it straining on your budget. We guide you through your goal as we teach you practical ways to own your money so that it doesn't own you.


Live WISE is all about finding ways for you

to live your best most successful life possible. With so much pressure and expectations put on people, we help to steer you in the right direction to achieve your goals and dreams. With a fresh perspective, you can see what you truly are capable of.

We are creating a space for accountability, connection, and life-changing results by revolutionizing the way people prioritize their health, happiness, and purpose. 

Emily Elrod, MHS - Founder

What our clients say:

It's like a gym membership for your mind. I have really learned so much and stayed motivated and challenged. 

-Client of Coach Annaleise

Live WISE Goal

This is such a affordable option. I never thought I would be able to talk with a coach with such a diverse and clinical background. She helped me discover my best eating without focusing on a diet. 

-Client of Coach Rachel

Eat Healthier Goal

I can honestly say I am far more confident after a session with Niko to move forward, and better deal with my anxiety. 

-Client of Coach Niko

Stress Less Goal

+10% savings for annual plans

Pricing Subscriptions

Find the plan that’s right for you.

6 month commitment required because if you can't commit to 6 months, how will you commit for life to crushing you goal?  (P.S. This is not to say we are heartless human, if something happens that dramatically effects your health or finances, reach out to us and we will work with you.)

Corporate Rates Available upon request.







Monthly Challenges

Weekly Open Hour Access

Weekly Inspirational Messaging

Weekly Love Nudges

Health Tracking 

Community Support







Everything in App+

10 hours of Individualized Coaching per year

5% off courses







Everything in App+

30 hours of Individualized Coaching per year

10% off courses

Crush it






Everything in App+

50 hours of Individualized Coaching per year

15% off courses

Our Features

Our WISE approach focuses on arming you with new skills and resources to help you live well, intelligent, safe and above all, empowered. By empowering you with the right support and resources, and applying them to your life in a way that celebrates your individuality rather than wedging you into a one-size-fits-all program, our goal is quite simply to set your best self free.

  • Meet with a Coach 

    Virtually meet with an expert to guide you through your goal planning process

  • Receive Love Nudges

    To add true accountability, we incorporate love nudges that allow us to hold our clients accountable

  • Be Secure

    Privacy and Security are very important to us so this is why we

    have created the HIPAA compliant Live WIse app

  • 1-on-1 Messaging 

    Communication is key. This is why we have in app text and picture messaging. Receive weekly notes from your coach. 

  • Open Access Hours

    Live WISE is not a one size fits all program. This is why we have open access hours to talk to varying experts. 

  • Create a community

    Challenge, learn, and grow with one another in the Live WISE app and community space. 

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