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Session 8: You are Halfway There!

You did it! You made it to the mid-point! 

When it comes to your experiment, when do you celebrate?

Is it when you accomplish the goal or hit a major milestone? Are you too afraid to celebrate as it might give you bad luck, or it seems like you're "counting your chickens before they hatch?" 

We want to encourage you to celebrate ALL wins: the big and the small. This is important because it acts as a spark of encouragement to show that you have forward movement.

Celebrating the small wins is like a snowball that has the potential to turn into an avalanche. You focus on the forward motion, and the colossal win will eventually come. 

Also, focusing on all wins allows you to assess your journey better because you can see the little milestones that lead to a significant milestone, and you can eventually reveal a pattern to your success.

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