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Empowered people are loyalcommitted, and needed for any environment to grow. When people are given the tools, resources, and proper environment, the benefits and potential become incalculable.

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How we help:

We help empower individuals with WISE thinking and coaching. We help restructure negative and oppressive thinking, eliminate mental barriers, and empower others to thrive and be their best self. We do this with our proven living systems that foster both accountability and connection together!

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Purpose Training

Are you looking for ways to further engage employees and leadership but are out of ideas? Are you wanting to help your employees discover a larger purpose to their work? Workzbe can help!

Our specialty-designed Purpose Trainings can engage your employees and leadership and help them be more decisive, focused, and accountable to ensure that their work is meeting their personal and professional goals. 

Frustration Elimination Evaluations

When employees, leaders, and an organization are not empowered it can be hard to know where to start. 

Our frustration elimination evaluations help employees and leadership identify the frustration and pressure points within an organization. These evaluations not only identify areas of growth but provide action steps on how to improve these areas from an individual and organization perspective. 

Executive Coaching

Organizational leaders often make some of the toughest decisions and can be the most isolated. It can become routine to address issues as they arise and become more difficult to look forward towards the future. 

With Workzbe's Executive Coaching we strive to provide confidential support to help you become the best leader and version of yourself. We help you identify your top WISE areas for yourself and create action steps to empower you to help your organization grow!


Think if design thinking, project management, and behavior science all had a baby.
Well, if that baby had a name, it would be called the WISE people plan:
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