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By combining tough conversations with proper tools and processes, we help you increase effectiveness and efficiency without sacrificing manpower and major additional cost.

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Let's talk to the Humans!

How we help:

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making bold intelligent decisions.

Let us help you take the first steps forward in turning your stress into a strategy.

EQ Training 

What's the emotional temperature of your team or organization currently?  Can you motivate yourself to get jobs done, how about the people you lead? Can people get a sense of the emotions of others and respond effectively?

These are questions and more are addressed in our 6 part series workshop. The workshop can be virtual or in person

Frustration Elimination

In one of our favorite events, we help bring frustrations to life and delicately create a space to get things done to turn that stress into a strategy and that disengaged employee into a believer again. 

In return, we have seen an average $1 million savings annually while implementing more innovative and effective strategies that save time, money, and burned out people.

Process Assessment and Consulting

You wouldn't put a fish in dirty water and expect them to survive, yet, some companies put employees in stressed out, over-regulated, non-thinking environments and expect them to deliver their top performance. 

Well, just like the fish, humans won't survive either. You will have higher turnover and more disengagement. Let us help with a policy and safety review to see if you are creating WISE work. 


Think if design thinking, project management, and behavior science all had a baby.
Well, if that baby had a name, it would be called the WISE people plan:
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