Let's Work Safely

Did you know your body has a very specific biochemical in which the sole purpose is your safety and self-preservation? Does your safety program include information or biofeedback about this important biochemical or other supporting biological functions?

With our Work Safe Program, we take a comprehensive, WISE approach to looking at current and future safety practices with work-site trend data, introspection and biofeedback.

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How we help:

We create environments where people and technology can co-exist equally. We strategize using cutting-edge science, intelligent tools, and global resources in order to understand the implications of the choices available to our clients.

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Safety Training 

Do you know what makes your employees and leadership feel safe and unsafe? Do you know what makes you feel unsafe? Can you identify the environmental and person-focused factors that effect our feelings of safety?

These are questions and more are addressed in virtual trainings and 16-week intensive courses provided by the humans at Workzbe!

Optimal Team Creation and Trigger Consulting

We believe a critical part of creating safety within a workplace involves a deep understanding of yourself and your employees

We provide expert consultation on how to best formulate teams that promote a sense of safety and identify triggers that threaten workplace and personal safety. 

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Environment Assessment and Audits

It can feel overwhelming knowing that something could be improved at your workplace without knowing how to take the first step

The humans at Workzbe can help with our work environment assessments and audits tailored specifically to your needs. These assessments can help you have a solid starting point to help you begin to create safe work at your workplace. 


Think if design thinking, project management, and behavior science all had a baby.
Well, if that baby had a name, it would be called the WISE people plan:
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