Let's Work Well

How well is your organization?
Do people have the energy to get things done?  Are they physically exhausted by the middle of the week? Are your health plan costs skyrocketing?  Modern studies have shown specific work environment factors are a greater cause for costs than actual primary care doctor visits

Want to know if you are missing the mark in some areas? If so, click below to get started. 

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How we help:

We help reveal the gaps in the team's wellbeing and with our strategic WISE people plan we lay out the factors needed to cut down on energy wasters and help you pinpoint potential strategies to help your team perform better. 

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Comprehensive Wellness Programming

Are you tired of starting wellness programs where your employees are not engaged? Have wellness initiatives not adequately addressed the needs of your workplace?

Workzbe specializes in assessing the individual needs of your workplace and employees to create a tailored wellness program using our process below that maximizes engagement and ultimately leaves everyone happier and healthier. 

Wellness Workshops and Intensives

Our passion is people and helping people learn tools to live their best lives!

We put this passion into every one of our workshops and presentations. We help companies with yearly well-being content and event management by bringing in experts from our team or from around the world to meet your team's needs. We also have intensive trainings with more individual-focused approaches to assess overall leadership and wellbeing. It is hard to lead well if you don't have the energy to lead well. 


Human and Organizational Performance Consulting

From system impact such as knowing which health plan is best suited for your organization to knowing where the gaps in your leadership and people's well-being are. Let us guide you as your human solutions partner.

By helping you assess the critical needs of your organization, we can guide you in choosing WISE Strategies that address the needs of both the individual and team


Think if design thinking, project management, and behavior science all had a baby.
Well, if that baby had a name, it would be called the WISE people plan:
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