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We think it is important for you to know our Why as this drives a lot of our intentions, actions, and behaviors as your coach. 

What got us here?

What got us here is love, devotion, and passion for people.

Like seriously, we love people.

We love to nerd out about people. We have dedicated our lives to figuring out why they do what they do and what environments best help people perform and thrive. Our team has backgrounds (experiences and even multiple degrees) in physiology, psychology, leadership, organizational psych, nutrition, health and wellbeing, and performance management.

Our company is dedicated to creating a space for accountability, connection, and life-impacting results and we are blessed to be the preferred human solutions partners for corporations, companies, and athletic teams worldwide. 

So that is the reason why we are here. 

We have a unique gift in helping people WISE Up. You will experience this along the course. But why we can say that so confidently is because our actions show it. So we hope this helps you better understand why we are here.

And we do want to pause and emphasize that it is a "we" approach with Workzbe.

Throughout this course, you will have one head coach. However, we all assist one another. If you have a question that isn’t in one coach’s wheelhouse, we will bounce your questions off to the entire coaching group. We don’t claim to be a genius in all areas, but we claim to know someone who is, and we are blessed that they are on our team.

Reminders for Coaching Sessions: 


Remember that as a leader, this is an endless pursuit. You will have good days and bad, but we are always striving for progression through the process. 

Some key activities that will be done with your coach specifically are: 

Setting your Intention: Basically this is your Why statement for the course.  This will be done both with your coach and through the above activities. We need to know why you are engaging in this deep self-work as it helps us to better guide you. 

It could be to "become a more mindful leader" or to "better prioritize my time and energy" or "I was made to do it." We hope the latter isn't the reason, but no matter what this is a no-judge zone and us knowing your 'why' will help us to better craft your plan.  

Experiments:  This is the term we use for goals. We call them experiments instead of goals because, ideally, it is a trial and error process that allows for failure and revision. There is no final outcome but rather a ton of self-discovery and a series of impactful changes. Your "experiments" will be highly individual and based on what you are looking to change within your own life.  You and your coach will come up with your experiments. 

Now we have that out of the way, Welcome.

Now let's get started. 

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