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The case for WISE work

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Lives and wallets are impacted when WISE work isn't in place*:

Adding Well-being to your people and strategy is no longer an option. The health and happiness of your employees must be taken into consideration to help your employees show up and contribute at high levels. Our clients get this, and that is why with custom WISE solutions, our client's employees are staying and doing great work. This can be seen by their little to no turnover during the pandemic and their profits dramatically increasing. When we asked our clients to rate us this is what they said:

Human Facts: When people are in high-pressure, high-performing environments, innovation and collaboration can suffer due to stress shutting off the brain's learning centers. It will cause them to go into behavior patterns that will let the survive, not thrive. This is why people being able to speak up, take risk, feel well, but being held accountable is a non-negotiable in our WISE model for top human and organizational performance. Google Aristotle project backs this notion after they studied their teams for 2 year. They found psychologically safe environments were the #1 factor for high-performing teams.This is also why we know we can take clients' stress points and turn them into a strategic plans for well-being, growth and innovation.

Our favorite thing about working with Workzbe is their attention to detail and service. Our culture can be needy at times, and it is great to be able to get results quickly with top-tier, white-glove service that is unmatched."

- Paul White, Talent Acquisition Director 

Our WISE model looks at 4 main areas that we know impact human and organizational health, wealth, and performance

WISE Model

So what are these magical areas we look at?  


Health and Happiness are evident, and people know they are cared for and valued by their leaders.


NOTE: We SOOOO wanted to call them factors that impact oxytocin, cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, and some other fantastic chemicals but that was vetoed so we call them the WISE Factors.  

We know when these WISE factors are considered at home, work, and play people are healthier, happier, and more productive and organizations benefit from increased innovation, communication, and engagement.

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Some of our clients that get WISE 

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Curious to learn more? Reach out today! 

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