Meet Our Team

We know we have the best team in the world!  Our team members come with many years of experience and varying backgrounds to make us a truly holistic company


Emily Elrod, MHS, OSHS

Emily is an award winning leader that assist her clients in finding purpose and direction in their life.  As the leader of Workzbe and corporate consultant, she empowers people and companies to discover the power of working and living WISE. 

Beth Hemmelgarn

Beth has a passion for helping others live their best life possible. She is known for her care and empathy with her clients while getting results. Beth has a BS in Health Science and certifications in Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching, and Smoking Cessation. 


Jon Ortega, MS

Jon is passionate about helping people make lasting positive behavior change. He has worked in the mental health field for ten years, serving children, families, and adults with mood and anxiety symptoms as well as helping support individuals in crises. He has a MS in Psychology and currently is a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado.

Annaleise Porta, MS, RD, LDN

Annaleise helps others to live a healthy, happy, sustainable life. Not only does she have a contagious outgoing personality, but she inspires her clients with finding ways to enjoy life and food. She has a background as a Clinical Registered Dietitian and has a Masters in Dietetics

Dr. Dominique Simmons, Ph.D

Dr. Dominique spent over 6 years working with at-risk youth, transitional aged youth and adults, who were challenged with mental health issues, working with them to establish their new normal through coaching.  Dominique has a BS in Psychology, MS in Human Service Counseling & Life Coaching and Ph.D in Educational Leadership: Educational Specialist. 

Bonnie Bonner, MA

Bonnie values finding the balance between what is "best" and what is realistic for her clients. Her educational and professional background in Industrial Organizational PsychologyMA in Clinical Psychology, and certified health coach, combined with her personal experience in overcoming health challenges lead her to the ideal place to help clients live and work WISE. 

Sara Flarity

Sara is a caring coach that helps her clients get results. As a D-1 collegiate athlete, Sara learned the importance of dedication to her work. She holds a BS in Health Promotion with a Minor in Nutrition. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and specializes in exercise, nutrition, and wellness.

Mandy Hunter

Mandy holds a BS in Exercise Science. She has a passion for health education, programming, and promotion. She is also certified as a First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Instructor, working to teach others how to recognize and support someone experiencing a health crisis. 






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