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So, where did it all start? 

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PS If you can't pronounce Workzbe..blame this guy.
He named it. 😉

In 2018, Emily Elrod was sitting on her front porch with her then-8-year-old son. They were talking about the 'what-ifs' of life and imagining a future world with flying cars and real-life Pokemon. In the middle of the discussion, her son asked a very impactful question that Emily will never forget:

"What if you could be a human being instead of a human always working?" 

Emily didn't know if he could sense her exhaustion and burnout (even though she had just received a reward for being a top 10 wellness practitioner in the nation) OR the struggle of constantly doing more to "be more" resulting in working 60-70hrs a week OR that she just wasn't a present mother anymore. But whatever it was, Workzbe was born that day.


And, how's it going now?

From then to now, A LOT has happened... including a pandemic 🤯 

We have grown from a daydreaming session to an adorable and insightful 8-year-old to being a sought-after company in human and organizational performance.

Today, Workzbe is comprised of an amazing team with a diverse background in psychology,  physiology, IO, and performance design.

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Native Rhode Islander, married to her best friend and mama to two sweet boys. Bonnie is Workzbe's lead work/ life strategist and coach. She has a background as a clinical therapist, organizational psychology specialist, and in health coaching. Her educational and professional experience combined with her personal experience in overcoming health challenges leads her to be an ideal resource to help others identify and meet their goals.

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Award-winning Well-being and Performance Consultant with a demonstrated history of creating cultures to empower people to live healthy, happy, and purposeful lives. Emily has a background in engineering and physiology (aka the engineering of the body, as she calls it). When she isn't helping her clients WISE Up she is outdoors or farming with her family.

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Empathetic listener and known for being the calm in chaos. Jon has worked in the mental health field for ten years, from suicide hotlines, medical facilities, and correctional facilities. Within this experience, he has been helping support individuals with mental wellbeing in all situations and severities. Jon believes in taking an individualized and evidence-based approach when working with any client to help identify the best steps for positive change. 

These awesome people are serving

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....these awesome clients!

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