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Where we started:

Workzbe began with a very specific core value in mind. We wanted to take everyday, working individuals and help them be more. That's exactly what Workzbe is all about: the MORE. Your everyday, traditional worker is often considered to be just another person working to provide an income. Human-beings were never meant to be just a means to an end. We are real beings with real ambition and real lives. We are doers and creators who encompass so much more. 

We help companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies create a WISE work environment where individuals will grow to be their best, most successful selves. We are blessed to help facilitate strategies and programs that touch over 21,000 people.

Where we have gone:

In 2019, we decide to do something big....like REAL Big!


With the fact that most companies are small businesses and may not provide full strategies, we decided to find an approach that can help everyone. Starting December 2019, Workzbe will launch the Live WISE app. The Live WISE app is about creating a space for people to accomplish life goals that are customized to them while being held accountable by our certified coaches

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