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Session 16: Wrap Up

Wow! You have made it to Week 16!

By this time, you have been learning and practicing your goal for months. 

You now should have:

  • Confidence in your thoughts, actions, and decisions

  • Had plenty of mental workouts with thought-provoking content and challenges

  • Learned how to engage in quicker decision making

  • Knowledge of when you are not aligned with your values

  • Awareness to make space for and deal with the mental chatter

  • Completed exercises to increase mindfulness and the ability to be present in the moment

  • Knowledge and challenges to care for yourself so you can care for others

  • Momentum and progress through thoughtful action

  • Accountability to WISE Up with people that care for your success

We hope that as you reflect on this process with your coach that you are able to say that we completed our mission for this create a space for accountability, connection, and life-impacting results.

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