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Session 13: Performance Inhibitors-Mindsets

What has the most impact?

Nature or Nurture? You may have heard this argument before, and science has argued over this for years. However, what happens if you are a twin?

Twins are interesting to study as they typically have similar nature and nurture. So what makes the difference then. In my (Emily's) opinion, it is Mindset.

So what types of mindsets are there:

  • Fixed Mindset- This is where people feel that they are FIXED by their circumstances. They know what they are good at, so focus only on it because it can be the only thing they can do. They replicate working on and replicating to perfection. 

  • Growth Mindset- This is where people believe that they can do anything that they set their mind to. You are not set with certain gifts, and you have the ability to grow and learn anything if you try. These are everyday learners seeking growth and development.

  • Genius Mindset- This is where people believe "the kiss of death is to be the genius with 10,000 helpers, instead be the genius with 10,000 geniuses." This mindset allows us to be everyday leaders that focus on compassion instead of comparison. This allows for accounts for why you do something and how you can help contribute to the greater good. 

After reviewing these mindsets, which do you think you currently have? (Not the one you hope to have, but actually have.)

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