Wisdom = Knowledge in Action

Our thing is to not just be thought leaders, we have enough of those...

It is to be action leaders.

People who do the work to inspire the change and transform the stressed into strategic.

And here are a few of the ways we are doing it...

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Are you ready to Work WISE? 

Let's connect. Let's get to action. 

Let's be strategic TOGETHER.

Coming This Fall!

Work WISE Summit

The WISE Summit was designed to bring together like-hearted leaders in HR, Safety, and Operations to discuss ways to break down silos and overcome barriers as we create more WISE work for the future

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WISE Assessment

The WISE Assessment is a tool to better understand the ways individual's brains are wired and how they can best perform

We look at everything from well-being to recognition styles to core themes and more. 

This assessment specializes on helping people feel seen and valued. 

Contact us at [email protected] to learn about how the WISE Assessment can also help with team cohesion and new employee hiring. Click Learn More to see a sample of the WISE Leader Assessment.

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WISE Events & Trainings

WISE Events & Trainings vary based on our clients' specific needs. Each of our clients receive consultation from a team of experts in the field of human performance.

Our engaging and interactive trainings emphasize clear, evidence-based information and concreate takeaways.

Popular offerings include Mental Health First Aid Training and Lunch and Learn trainings on wellness and safety.

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WISE Up Intensive Programs

A 16-week program designed to help you understand your process, identify your goals, and hold you accountable to achieve results. Participants will engage with weekly educational content and activity challenges, as well as 8 personalized coaching sessions. This program is designed to help you create long lasting positive habits and change. Will you bet on you?

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Unapologetically BOLD Podcast

We are a human at home, work, and play; yet, it seems like we are required to be different humans at each. From our experience, we have found this stresses out people and kills their innovation, creativity, and joy.

So we wanted to bring it to light in the form of a podcast series called Unapologetically Bold as our founder Emily Elrod dives into conversations with guests about what they are not sorry for in a creative and loving way

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Online Courses

Be on the lookout for our latest public offerings. We want to highlight out Learn to Eat Intuitively with Coach Bonnie Bonner, MA. In this course, we will walk away with detailed steps to help you learn how to listen to your intuition and eat for total health

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