Which solution is
best for me?


To identify what solution is needed, it is necessary to better understand the actual human need. Does it involve one human or a bunch of humans (aka a team or organization)? 

Both human and organizational factors need to be considered  as they are mutually reinforcing (nerdy word meaning they impact each other greatly) so our services reflect this:

Human and org (2).png
Human and org (2).png

Human (Individual) Services:

WISE Coaching is an individual coaching service that we provide to leaders and executives. We are HIPPA Compliant and PHI Protected, so our clients know they are in a safe environment. We help our clients navigate complex situations such as performance pressures, over-commitment, lack of value alignment, cognitive distortion, mental fitness, conflict resolution, and more.

The Individual WISE Assessment is a game changer for people wanting to better understand what they need to perform at their best.  This assessment gives a snapshot in time to see how Well, Intelligent, Safe, and Empowered a person.  All assessments include a 45 minute WISE follow up session to review results and create a plan for next steps.

WISE Up Leadership Intensive  is a 4 month program organized around weekly content stretching you towards getting to know yourself more. During this time, we will be your cognitive coaches as we help you push your comfort limits, identify needs and wise up to reach the leader you want to become. This program is self-guided and includes individual coaching sessions to help you along the course for additional accountability. 

Human + Org Services:

The WISE Environmental Summary is a game changer for companies as it allows us to pass the surface-level conversations and get deep analysis quickly. This combines  how Well, Intelligent, Safe, and Empowered the individual is and how well the organization supports them to work WISE. The Assessment can be done individually or with a team.

To help your team and company with alignment and understanding,  we do a WISE 360 Performance Reviews & Growth Plans to address individual, team, and organizational performance. From there, we help encourage performance through targeted messaging, meetings, and/or coaching. If performance is not standard, we will conduct performance improvement plans with the leader. If necessary, we will assist with the termination of an employee.

Do you have a meeting that wish was an email due to poor management? OR do you ever get in meetings that seem to keep getting the same results? If so, get unstuck with our Meeting Management services.  We facilitate, take notes, and assign action items that allow everyone to be an active participant as we foster connection and accountability. 

Human and org (2).png
Human and org (2).png

Organizational Services:

Having a person that not only fits the role but is a good fit for the leader and the organization is imperative. Our WISE Hire process is a science-backed 3 part interviewing process with predictive analysis of environmental needs, future areas of conflict, and areas of improvement with the final candidates. It also comes with 9 months of coaching for the chosen employee to process the changes. 

WISE Training and Development is where knowledge, growth, and motivation meet. We teach on topics that hit out WISE model (well-being, intelligence (process & emotional), safety, and empowerment.  We can do this through lunch & learns, speaker series, or summit or retreat for your team.  accountability.

An organization is defined as an organized body of humans with a particular purpose and set rules to operate by. If the purpose or rules aren't set, the people can't perform at their best.  This is why we consult on WISE Environmental Design and Alignment to make sure the humans and the organization are aligned with rules and expectations

Human and org.gif


  • Assess- Using our proprietary WISE Assessment, we take a snapshot in time to review internal and environmental perceptions that impact how you are showing up 

  • Inquire- We inquire about the findings to examine the validity and reliability of the data

  • Strategize- We strategize practical and applicable next steps 

  • Create- We create an experiment to address areas of concern

  • Implement- We implement the experiment for a set period with accountability check-ins

  • Review- We do a HOT and curious review to identify any needed changes, as well as name the inspiration and insights to help keep up the momentum for progress. 

Whether working with an
individual or an organization,
our approach is the same:
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