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Session 10: Reflect on Improvement

Just as we encourage you to look at your experiment and consider what may need to be revised, we also highly encourage you to think about how your life has improved in just this short time.

We don't want the focus to be on solely the negative; reflecting on the positives will allow you to move forward with gratitude and thank yourself for the steps you are taking.

Regardless of how small any "wins" may feel, they are indeed, wins.

Even if you're feeling like you got off track or need to make some major changes, there is still something that has improved. Lessons learned are useful that way as they reveal your increased self-awareness. Even if we learn that we don't like or need a person, place, or thing, our lives have improved with this knowledge.

So as you continue reflecting on and revising your action-based steps, be sure to recognize all the ways in which you are improving upon your mind, body, and behaviors. 

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