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Session 12: Accountability Strategies

Here are some tips to keep yourself accountable:

  • Tell your priority people about your goal and ask them to keep you accountable. 

  • People 1st, technology 2nd: Think of how many times you hit snooze on your alarm clock or ignore your smartwatch nudge to move more. Now compare that to receiving a text message from a friend asking you to join a steps challenge with them. Due to a mix of feeling obligated and trust/connection with the person, you most likely will comply. This is the reason why people are greater than ALGORITHMs when it comes to helping others accomplishing life-impacting goals. A chatbot or A.I. cant get to know you on a deeper level as a human. 

  • Create rules of engagement with yourself. If someone comes to you wanting to do something that can hurt your progress, do you know how to speak with them? Do you have rules about how to engage in difficult situations? Make a list of your rules of engagement. Remember, just like your experiments, it needs to be realistic and something you will actually abide by.

  • Reach out for help. We are here for you.  But no matter what, we know if you don't ask for help, you will never get it. Please ask for help. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. 

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