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Let's Work Empowered

Empowered people are loyal, committed, and needed for any environment to grow. When people are given the tools, resources, and proper environment, the benefits and potential become incalculable.

Striving for your workplace and employees to become more empowered? Click below to learn more!

How we help:

We help empower individuals with WISE thinking and coaching. We help restructure negative and oppressive thinking, eliminate mental barriers, and empower others to thrive and be their best self. We do this with our proven living systems that foster both accountability and connection together!

Set up a free discovery call with us to learn more how how Workzbe can work with you to create an empowered organization!


Comprehensive Wellness Programming

Are you tired of starting wellness programs where your employees are not engaged? Have wellness initiatives not adequately addressed the needs of your workplace?

Workzbe specializes in assessing the individual needs of your workplace and employees to create a tailored wellness program using our process below that maximizes engagement and ultimately leaves everyone happier and healthier. 


Wellness Workshops and Intensives

Our passion is people and helping people learn tools to live their best lives!

We put this passion into every one of our workshops and presentations. We help companies with yearly well-being content and event management by bringing in experts from our team or from around the world to meet your team's needs. We also have intensive trainings with more individual-focused approaches to assess overall leadership and wellbeing. It is hard to lead well if you don't have the energy to lead well. 


Human and Organizational Performance Consulting

From system impact such as knowing which health plan is best suited for your organization to knowing where the gaps in your leadership and people's well-being are. Let us guide you as your human solutions partner.

By helping you assess the critical needs of your organization, we can guide you in choosing WISE Strategies that address the needs of both the individual and team. 


Think if design thinking, project management, and behavior science all had a baby.
Well, if that baby had a name, it would be called the WISE people plan:


The information phase is all about asking curious questions to seek status and understanding.

It is the initial diagnostic to check to see where the company or team is at. 

Think of this as the foundational first step to make sure we have the right people with different strengthens in the room that may not be exactly like-minded but are like-hearted. 


This phase is about building relationships and create an environment for conversations. 

We subscribe to the model, the kiss of death is to be the geniuses with 10,000 helpers instead be the genius with 10,000 geniuses and this is where it is put into action with town halls, feedback surveys, panel discussions, and more. 


Ideation is all about generating, sifting, and cultivating ideas from the feedback elicited from the initiation phase.  We look to create a "win-win" situation that is custom enough for the groups but mission-oriented for the entire company. 


This step is all about action. It is where accountability and results are involved. Champion Networks are deployed and things are in motion all while evaluating how receptive and WISE the plan is. 


This step is about communicating the wins, reflecting on the losses while intentionally reacting, revising, and even revisiting earlier steps in the process. 

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